I’m Erin, mom of three and owner of Umbel Nursery & Farmstead.

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest where I grew up picking berries, spending time outdoors and building a deep love of plants that has been a guiding force in my life.

I studied environmental science in college and worked with the US Forest Service. I spent time volunteering at botanical gardens on both sides of the country. I worked on urban farms, in nurseries, and as a landscape designer. And I dreamed of raising children and living on a farm of my own one day.

I met my husband Billy in Oregon, where we bought our first farm and started our family.

Umbel Nursery & Farmstead allowed us to return to our roots by establishing a home and business near where Billy grew up. It has connected us to his large and loving family and to a community with values we believe in.

We’re proud to share the beauty of nature with everyone who visits!

Our family

Family is at the heart of our business. I’m living my dream thanks to the love and support of amazing humans (and other creatures) who make it all possible.



My partner in farming, the man with the tractor, director of building and repairs. Billy was born and raised on Jackson County farms and couldn’t be happier to continue the legacy. He supports the nursery and farm in every imaginable way.



This little lady keeps us in line and reminds us all to follow the rules. Lou likes to design beautiful creations, plant seedlings, and harvest the children’s garden while sweetly singing the same song, on repeat.



Jackie has been around since the Puddingstone days and helps us continue its traditions. She made sure we got off to a good start as nursery owners and returns each season to lend a hand with her husband, Mick.



We are excited to welcome Abby, our very first farm intern! Abby is studying organic farming at Michigan State. You’ll find her out in the field, at farmers’ markets and tending to a bumper crop of multi-colored potatoes.



Lego master, comic-book author, pig-feeder, goat-petter, and future feline farmer. Will’s favorite part of the farm is the shop, where he builds swords, conducts target practice, and watches old westerns with Dad.

Josie May


She provides enough enthusiasm, energy, and laughter to keep us all going. May’s a fearless farmer who loves all the animals. You’ll find her in the barn, sneaking oats to the donkey and holding any cat she can catch.



Loretta is a great friend of the farm and a tremendous help in all ways, from nursery support to child whispering. She focuses on growing medicinal plants for wellness and makes amazing body care products.

Phoebe (our unofficial mascot)


The sweetest animal you will ever meet. Phoebe loves a good scratch on the forehead and keeps the sheep in their places. If you don’t visit her in the barn you may hear her calling you over!

Our extended animal family

We have a well-loved mix of alpine goats, pot-bellied pigs, Icelandic sheep, Highland and Dexter cattle, ducks, chickens, and barn cats.