traditional practices

We stay as close to nature as possible and look to tradition for the simplest and best ways to grow beautiful, nutritious plants and raise strong and healthy animals.


sharing knowledge

Plants have so much to offer. They are the basis of life, providing food, medicine, beauty and so much more. We’re here to share our love and knowledge so that our customers can appreciate and enjoy plants as much as we do.


connection with nature

The earth is a tremendous gift that we all share. We believe that the best way to appreciate this gift is by knowing and interacting with it. We are constantly getting dirty in our pursuit to learn even more about stewardship, best practices in farming, soil health and animal husbandry.



Learning to care for plants and animals allows us to provide for our family and our community. It has given us a sense of pride that comes from understanding the full process, doing things ourselves, using our hands, and seeing the fruits of our labor.